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Elbow Orthotics

Elbow Orthotics

Infinite Technologies is highly trained and experienced in fitting “off-the-shelf” and custom elbow orthotics for corrective, rehabilitative, and post-recovery conditions. When Infinite Technologies is involved with orthoses, patients receive the most customized treatment. Even our “off-the-shelf” devices are molded and customized for the best fit possible.

Elbow Orthotic Braces

Breathable laminated soft foam material allows for maximized comfort. The adjustable joint allows for decreased or increased ROM in extension and flexion of the elbow joint. The brace can be locked in full extension, flexion, or allow for range of motion as directed by your physician or physical therapist. The brace can be adjusted as you progress throughout your therapy goals by a physical therapist or your orthotist. Each of the forearm and bicep cuffs are adjustable based on your arm circumference to allow for the most customized fit. The highest cuff should lie just below your deltoid muscle and the lowest cuff should sit just above your wrist to capture all movement of the elbow. This brace can be used as an elbow immobilizer by locking the brace in full extension. The brace is lightweight, comfortable, and effective in stabilizing, protecting, and providing support to the elbow and surrounding ligaments and tendons.

Conditions: major ligament surgery, elbow reconstruction or dislocation, ligament and tendon repairs, surgical repair of a fracture and biceps repair, elbow dislocation or luxation, humeral fractures.

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MyoPro Elbow Orthotic Virginia Maryland DC

The custom myoelectric upper limb orthosis, or myopro, is designed for neuromuscular upper extremity paralysis. It restores movement to a weakened arm through non-invasive myoelectric sensors while being a customizable, lightweight, and functional brace.

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