Hand ProstheticsHand Prosthetics

Hand Prosthetics

Hand Prosthetics

Hand and/or finger prosthesis: Location is from wrist to fingers.

Conditions: Severe Trauma, Blood vessel disorder (atherosclerosis), Diabetes mellitus, malignancy, infection, congenital amputation, Krukenberg procedure, and gangrene.

Technologies / Devices


The MP of the upper extremity are sophisticated electronic prosthetic devices that contain microprocessors and motors to enable greater dexterity and functionality. These prostheses allow for greater pinch and grip forces not available with the standard hook and pulley systems.

iLimb digits:

Body powered:

Body powered prostheses work by utilizing cables that link the movement of the body to the prosthesis. Moving the arm a specific way causes tension to increase in the cables, and therefore allows for opening, closing, and bending in the hand.

Silicone digits Otto Bock

Otto Bock silicone digit finger prosthesis

These digits are available in suction fit, via a ring, and via a strap.