Technology Spotlight: MyoPro

The MyoPro® is a Myoelectric Arm Orthosis designed to support a weak or deformed arm. The MyoPro can enable individuals to self-initiate and control movements of a partially paralyzed or weakened arm using their own muscle signals. When the user tries to bend their arm, sensors in the brace detect the weak muscle signal, which activates the motor to move the arm in the desired direction. The user is completely controlling their own arm; the brace amplifies their weak muscle signal to help bend and move their arm.
Q. Who is the MyoPro appropriate for?
The MyoPro is applicable to individuals with muscle weakness and neuro-muscular damage from conditions ranging from stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and Cerebral Palsy to Spinal Cord Injury, ALS and MS. Since there is no electrical stimulation used by the Myopro, patients with pacemakers can use the device as well. The device is designed to assist users in meeting their functional specific goals and is not appropriate for everyone. Contact our office today for a free evaluation if you think the MyoPro is the device for you or one of your patients.
Q. Is the MyoPro available at all Orthotic and Prosthetic facilities?
No, Infinite Technologies Orthotics and Prosthetics is the only provider of the MyoPro in the Greater, Washington DC area.
Q. How do I refer a patient?
Referring a patient to Infinite Technologies Orthotics and Prosthetics is easy. Simply call our office at 877-424-7179.
For more information on the MyoPro, click here.