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What to Expect: Orthotics

What to Expect: Orthotics

Receiving an orthoses (brace) can often be a confusing and stressful process.  Infinite Technologies is dedicated to our patients, and to doing our best to make this process as comfortable and simple as possible. Below is a brief overview of what you can expect when working with us.


Rapid Response

Our team offers rapid response and flexible appointment options to fit your needs and busy schedule. If you are receiving care in one of the region’s hospitals, we will be to your room within hours of receiving a call. Our staff of multiple practitioners means that you can get a quick appointment to start your service, or in some cases a same day appointment for that needed repair or adjustment.


Compassionate Guidance

Often, a patient feels lost in the medical system, and thinks options are limited. Our expert clinicians will review your history, evaluate your needs, and discuss with you your options. Rest assured, there are options! We will work to connect you with any medical discipline that may prove a beneficial option, and put you on a path to receive the best orthotic option possible. Our goal is not to just fill your prescription. If you need interim devices, therapy, or management prior to receiving your final device, we will help you make that happen. More so, we will not just pass you to someone else. We form relationships with our patients for long term success.



We know the unknown can be scary, and we know you may not have had success in the past with braces. That’s why we focus on educating and informing you. We describe the full process you can expect, how many appointments may be necessary, ways you can prepare, as well as support and resources from others.


First Office Visit

You will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire detailing your medical history. One of our certified practitioners will examine you and discuss the kind of lifestyle you would like to achieve. You and your practitioner will decide which componentry will be most appropriate for you.


Sensitive Benefits Coordination

The world of insurance benefits is not only scary, but ever changing. You will be introduced to other team members who will assist you with forms, billing, and prescription information. Depending on your insurance requirements, impressions may be taken for your service during this appointment, or you may be a candidate for a prefabricated orthoses and a same day delivery. If pre-authorization is required, our staff will take care of this so you can focus on your care. On occasion, an insurance carrier will view a high end device as experimental and investigational. Most facilities would not offer these devices because of the unlikelihood of insurance companies paying for them. Our staff has extensive experience with appealing carriers and succeeding in getting coverage for high end devices that other O&P facilities refuse to provide.


Flexible Financing

In this economy, medical expenses are not only massive, the fear of the expense can sabotage the care. Our financial team will work with you to give you as accurate of a prediction of your copay and out of pocket expense. We will also offer you flexible financing options so you can focus on your care, not on how you will pay for it.


The Delivery Appointment

During this appointment, your device will be fit and adjusted to you. Most devices, either prefabricated or custom made, require a few adjustments to complete the fit. You will receive detailed instructions for using and caring for the device, and we will answer any question you have.


Follow Up Appointments

During these appointments, further training and adjusting will be given as needed. Many devices take some time to adjust to and become comfortable with. We will be there for you when you need that extra touch.