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Wrist Orthotics

Wrist Orthotics

Infinite Technologies is highly trained and experienced in fitting “off-the-shelf” and custom wrist orthotics for corrective, rehabilitative, and post-recovery conditions. When Infinite Technologies is involved with orthoses, patients receive the most customized treatment. Even our “off-the-shelf” devices are molded and customized for the best fit possible.

Wrist Orthotic Braces

Resting Wrist Hand Orthosis

The resting hand orthosis is a thermoplastic, palmer splint that immobilizes while positioning the wrist, fingers, and thumb in a functional hand position. These braces prevent contracture and hold the hand in a neutral position. The soft interface of these braces increase their comfort and the straps can be tightened to snugly hold your hand in place without sacrificing comfort.

Conditions: Contractures, wrist drop

Infinite Technologies Orthotics resting wrist hand orthosis

Wrist Splint

This brace helps to support weak or damaged parts of the forearm, wrist, and hand to improve functionality. It can be customized to better fit the patient by circumferentially tightening the brace. The breathable and soft material optimizes comfort while still providing the appropriate efficacy to support your wrist and hand. These braces can stabilize the wrist and prevent unnecessary flexion, extension, and rotation, providing protection and stability in all three planes of movement. There are a variety of types of wrist splints depending on the severity of your condition and your orthotist can work with you to determine which is best for your lifestyle and your diagnosis.

Conditions: carpal tunnel syndrome, post-operative stabilization after cast removal, wrist sprains and strains, arthritis and tendonitis of the wrist

Infinite Technologies Orthotics wrist splint orthoses