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Ankle Orthotics

Ankle Orthotics

Infinite Technologies is highly trained and experienced in fitting “off-the-shelf” and custom ankle and ankle/foot orthotics for corrective, rehabilitative, and post-recovery conditions. When Infinite Technologies is involved with orthoses, patients receive the most customized treatment. Even our “off-the-shelf” devices are molded and customized for the best fit possible.

Ankle & Ankle/Foot (AFO) Orthotics / Braces

Orthotic brace: Air Cast

An air cast ankle brace is designed to provide medial and lateral ankle support in stance phase.

Conditions: avulsion fracture, sprains, minor fractures of the foot and ankle.

Air Brace Ankle Orthosis Infinite Technologies Orthotics

Orthotic brace: AFOs (Carbon-Graphite, Tone Inhibitive, Hinged Plastic)

AFOs are intended to control position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct deformities. AFOs are used to control foot drop as well as other neurologic and musculoskeletal disorders. The assistance this device offers allows a better toe clearance during swing phase of gait. AFOs can be bought off-the-shelf as well as custom made.

Conditions: foot drop, CVA, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal bifida, neuromuscular disorders, diabetic Charcot foot, crushing injuries, contractures, habitual toe walker

Ankle Foot Orthosis AFO Infinite Technologies Orthotics

Orthotic brace: Cam Walker

Controlled, ankle, motion (CAM) boot are adjustable, reusable, and increase support to one’s foot during the healing process after an injury. Boots are offered in many sizes and variations such as tall or short, static or adjustable ROM ankle joints, and pneumatic air feature is available This air feature is necessary to reduce swelling, pain, and improves healing time. One can control the level and amount of air pumped into boot to support the foot.

Conditions- Post op ankle fusions, stabile ankle fractures, ankle sprains, forefoot and toe injuries, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis tears, Achilles tendon tears.

CAM Walker Ankle Orthosis Infinite Technologies Orthotics

Orthotic brace: PRAFO

Pressure Relief Ankle Foot Orthosis is an off-the-shelf orthosis to prevent foot drop, foot and ankle contractures, and to treat or prevent bed pressure related heel ulcers. This brace has a unique quality which is a pivoting metal outrigger attached to the posterior aspect of the orthosis that when rotated into position its resists internal and external rotation of the leg when patient is bedridden.

Conditions- Hemiparesis following stroke, foot drop prevention, Achilles tendon contractures, bed pressure related heel ulcers

PRAFO Pressure Relief Ankle Foot Orthosis Infinite Technologies Orthotics

CROW Boot – Charcot Relief Orthotic Walker

A CROW boot accommodates and supports a foot with Charcot Neuroarthropathy (CN). CN occurs when bones and joints in the foot fracture, break up or pop out of place with minimal or no known direct injury and the foot does not heal or regain its original shape. A patient must be casted and would receive a custom molded boot. The CROW consists of a fully enclosed ankle/foot orthotic with a rocker-bottom sole. Patients are able to continue to bear weight while minimizing pressure and given the chance to heal.

CROW Boot Ankle Foot Orthosis AFO Infinite Technologies Orthotics

Technologies / Devices


WalkAide foot drop treatment

WalkAide is revolutionary in the treatment of foot drop (also known as drop foot, dropfoot, and footdrop). It leverages functional electrical stimulation to improve walking ability. The WalkAide system utilizes patented tilt sensor technology and functional electrical stimulation (FES) to analyze the movement of the leg and stimulate the appropriate nerves, prompting the foot to lift with every step. The gentle electrical impulses produced by WalkAide activate the muscles to raise the foot at the appropriate time during the step cycle, creating a more natural and efficient walking pattern.

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